Jorji Knickrehm’s RSVP

“Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party”
by Jorji Knickrehm

I love the idea of having a month to replenish my soul and body each year, as the French do. Like a good American, however, I try to squeeze the replenishment into one long weekend, thereby retaining work time while still getting a vacation.

In August, my husband Jason and I decided to do RSVP: Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party. Don’t let the name fool you – it certainly was not a party the whole way. It was a ride with 1,500 other road bikers (and one skateboarder) of approximately 185 miles over two days. It had long hills and hot days, and it was a total blast. I was scared leading up to it, wondering if I’d be able to make it, if I’d feel completely out of shape, and if Jason would be frustrating riding at my slower pace. But RSVP turned out to be incredibly fun, partly because of the beautiful landscape through which we rode, partly because of the camaraderie between riders, and partly because Jason stuck with me the whole way and we shared the experience. We arrived in Vancouver elated, had ice cream, and enjoyed a romantic evening sans children. Our kids and Jason’s parents arrived the next afternoon and we all had fun in Vancouver for the day.

I fool myself into believing that this 3-day escape from day-to-day life suffices as the kind of vacation I really need. While I know that this is not true, I can honestly say that I had a wonderful 3-day break, largely because this event expanded my idea of my capabilities and gave me a one-of-a-kind experience with my husband.

Jorji Knickrehm

(c) 2008


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