PCI Adventure

Passion, Creativity and Innovation form the basis for our new offering: PCI Adventure.

The feelings behind these concepts are very positive — everyone likes the thought of being more passionate, creative, innovative. But once we start talking about how to cultivate these qualities, it becomes less clear.

Experiential learning techniques give us a way to jump-start our thinking around various concepts. At Vision Leadership, we’ve been using experiential learning to unfold greater understandings of leadership, teamwork, etc. for many years. Now, we’re importing those same strategies into our development of PCI Adventure.

With the help of our friend and colleague Rob Hyman of Seattle’s Interplay Experience Design, we are creating a portable, experiential game that explores the qualities of Passion, Creativity and Innovation — and what they really mean in our lives and our work. The first prototype of the game will be held on January 6th, 2009 in Seattle. This will be by open invitation. So if you’re curious and want to play, we would love to have you. Contact info@visionleadership.com for more information.

Also check out the Passion, Creativity and Innovation category here on our blog, and join in the conversation.


2 Responses to “PCI Adventure”

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