About Vision Leadership

Welcome to the Vision Leadership blog. Vision Leadership is a Seattle-based leadership consulting firm. We create exciting corporate team building and leadership development programs through transformational learning to inspire individuals, teams and organizations to new heights of performance teamwork.

Whether it’s an energizing half-day of corporate games, an intensive teambuilding workshop, or an in-depth journey into the techniques of peak performance leadership, we are committed to giving you and your team powerful tools for success in the most challenging issues you face.

Here you’ll find postings on leadership development, team-building, adventure learning…plus our musings on leadership, sustainability, and the joys of being a French transplant in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Team:

Valdo Lallemand President

For more than 20 years, Valdo Lallemand has brought his passion for transformational learning to groups and individuals across the United States, Canada and Europe. After a career launch with Yves Saint Laurent Corporation and Bossard Consultants in France, Valdo moved to Seattle, where he founded Vision Leadership in 1992. The company has evolved to serve a dynamic and versatile client base, offering successful change programs to corporations and non-profit organizations.

Valdo completed his engineering studies at L’Ecole Centrale, followed by a post-graduate certificate in management from L’Institut Francais de la Mode.

His enthusiastic, visionary approach and irrepressible good humor are well known in the field of adventure learning and transformation. For his own exciting challenges, Valdo counts on his beloved wife and daughters to keep him on his toes, while navigating traffic in the unmistakable style of a would-be French racecar driver.

Amy Frazier

Amy is our Marketing Guru and Multifaceted Muse. A professional actress and writer, she leads workshops in personal and professional development drawing upon the arts—especially theatre—to reconnect people with their creativity and full-bodied expressiveness. She believes we all have these qualities (in abundance) and they are just waiting to be sprung loose!

Amy has led public forum facilitation, contract negotiation, vision and mission statement development, and community living practices for a variety of organizations. A few years ago, she celebrated her own version of running away to join the circus, helping to form a theatre company living in a château in the heart of the French countryside. It is the topic of her book, “As Dreams are Made On.”

Back to reality now, she loves to share what she’s learned about bringing art to life (and life to art), through her writing and teaching. She is part of the Vision Leadership facilitation team for The Art of Coaching and The Transformational Leadership Intensive. We hope you have the chance to enjoy her warmth and contagious laughter.

Vicky McCarley

Vicky knows a few things about building teams and community. Passionate about teaching, she has spent the past fifteen years working as a mediator and facilitator for populations such as at-risk youth, international business students, and corporate leadership teams.

Vicky is a creative and compassionate experiential educator, with extensive experience bringing diverse groups together. Her experience with a wide variety of clientele gives her the skills and comfort to get into the thick of things. From this place, she is able to effectively help a group confront assumptions and integrate diverse points of view and cultures in support of a common goal.

Vicky brings her attention, clarity and commitment to a large number of leadership and team development programs. She has worked with companies and agencies such as Edward Jones, United Way, US Postal Service, Phillip Morris, Disney, Monsanto, Hewlett Packard and Kodak.

She holds a BS in Animal Science from Colorado State University, and while she finds some group dynamics do follow a herd instinct, she keeps her animal science skills at home, enjoying the company of her husky-shepherd mix Sakeema (“really good friend”).

Darren Frink

Darren is Mr. Outdoors. He has guided a wide variety of trips across the wilds of North America—rafting raging rivers, crawling through caves, climbing icy cliffs. But have no fear; he’s settled down now, applying his adventuresome spirit to working with challenge courses. He loves the way both building and facilitating challenge courses allows him to contribute to potent corporate leadership and development experiences.

Darren holds a Masters in Education from Antioch University and has devoted the past 12 years to his passion for teaching. No stranger to the business world, he has also been instrumental in starting and growing several small enterprises. In addition to being very skilled in facilitating groups, his 6’6″ stature and wingspan of an albatross enable him to reach 9ft on his tiptoes… what an asset for a builder!

He is married and greatly enjoys his two daughters (ages 4 and 7).

Rob Hyman

As the Chief Experience Officer for Interplay Experience Design, Rob leads a galaxy of creative minds and experts who capitalize on the mostly untapped human potential for creativity.

His DNA testing reveals 27% experiential designer, 12% inventor, 16% technical director, 36% producer, and 22% game designer… ideal for creating experiential projects that deliver effective organizational learning and development, drive participation, and open minds to new ideas.

Rob’s interest in experience design started in his early days creating sets, props, lighting, sound, and special effects for professional theaters ranging from Alaska to Broadway. Jumping from the presentational world to the interactive, Rob took up multiple roles for Entros, a groundbreaking company that combined immersive teambuilding experiences with great food in a warehouse-like party atmosphere.

Taking his fun seriously while not in the saddle at Interplay, Rob hikes (every chance he gets) and enjoys cooking (as a sous-chef) with his partner of 15 years, Heidi (the chef). Favorite board game: Kaboom! A sixties classic!


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  1. French Driver Says:

    Amy – This is pretty cool! I might also write my story about my great summer vacation in France!

    French Driver

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