Inspiration and Mondrian’s “A”


I have spent a lot more time than usual browsing art this past week to provide visual stimulation for PCI Adventure. Van Gogh and Mondrian of course, but also a lot of photography. Although I am computer-fried and outdoors-deprived, I feel a deep surge of inspiration and connection from this browsing.

A lot more than I expected actually. My preferred mode of viewing art is definitely “in person” in museums and art galleries. I first travel through the artwork fairly quickly to scan which sculptures, paintings or photographs turn me on. I then come back to spend time in front of the few I have selected, allowing “transfer” time for me to fill up and regenerate.

So, it is definitely a surprise I have such a strong feeling of awe for art after spending days browsing images on my Mac. And a good surprise! Here is the picture that has inspired me the most for the past few days.

Red Tree, Piet Mondrian

Red Tree, Piet Mondrian

Mondrian painted it in 1909. Strange fact about it: Piet Mondriaan had known for a long time that he would remove one of the A’s in his name when he found his true personality. This is the first painting, completed at age 41, in which he signs his name the way we got to know him.

I am fascinated to know that this painting represents his being in the world in a deeper level of authenticity.



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  1. contemporary-art Says:

    Piet Mondrian Paris contemporary art rock painting

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