The Space You’re In


“All creativity happens somewhere—in a study, in a studio, on a stage, in a garret. That space is where the creation comes to life, where the work actually happens—or doesn’t.”
Phil Cousineau, Stoking the Creative Fires: 9 Ways to Rekindle Passion & Imagination.

I love this quote. Something about the idea that there’s always a “somewhere” where creativity happens. I think I like this because creativity seems so ethereal sometimes, it’s nice to think about it being anchored to a real place.

But then I look at my desk, where I do most of my creative work, and I’m struck by its confines. I inherited this desk very used (that is, free) at a time when I was so broke that free was almost expensive.

I’m observing now (not for the first time, but in a new way) that the top of my desk is pinched and crowded. Papers are stacked everywhere. Computer cords wrap my ankles. The wall presses in. Worst of all, I sit with my back to the window. 

Cousineau says “where the work actually happens.” And I don’t think he was talking about “work” as in a job. But maybe so. Now that I reflect upon the quote, I think it’s time for me to turn and face the work as I work. I hope that means, more often than not: as I create.

So my question to you is: what’s your work/job space like? What’s the space you’re in when you’re working in that space?

How does your space support you in your work?

by Amy Frazier


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