Last night Valdo and I joined a session on creative brainstorming, exploring the connections between imagination, the outdoors, adventure, and sustainability – and how they apply to teamwork.

The techniques were simple: we took colored 3 x 5 cards and filled them up, by quickly jotting down anything that jumped to mind, one topic at a time. We then offered up our suggestions, and one of the facilitators scribed the words onto large pieces of paper. The final step was brainstorming associations among the topics. After a few short visualizations, we were done.

The simplicity belies the effectiveness. At the end of the evening, after all the planned activities were done, a conversation arose “spontaneously” that allowed us to go deep, quickly, about the dynamics of teamwork.

I don’t think we would have had that level of conversation if we hadn’t been priming the pump first.

For me, once again it was a reminder that the creative process isn’t always evident on the surface. Filling cards with words was moderately interesting. The conversation that emerged when the planned activities were done, showed me how really valuable it had been.

by Amy Frazier


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